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Fragging Equipment & Supplies


Australian Based Frag Supplies. Ceramic Plugs, Reef safe glue, Stainless steel tools, Acrylic Racks.
KHG Reagent Single Pack
Genuine reagent for KHG units
Refugium Light- Q2
Refugium Light- 18w Led with screw on mount and adjustable flex arm. Covers up to 50cmx50cm fuge area, perfect for cheato growth.
Ceramic Clam Holder
Ceramic Clam Holder can also be used for other corals. Solid weighted base to hold in place, move clam around the tank with ease
Coral Feeder-Long Acrylic
55cm Long Acrylic with Rubber Tip Feeders, Great for Feeding Corals without getting wet!
Filter Media Bags
Super Fine Nylon Mesh Filter Bag. Suits all media types such as Carbon, GFO. 20cm X 14Cm, Plastic Zipper
Air Gang Valve Splitter
Steel Gang Valve to split outlet of air pump. Individual Taps. Useful for Phyto and Pod Setups
Airline/Drip Valve
Air Tube Flow control valve, Can be used to slow rate of water if using for acclimation.
Airline- Clear Standard Size
Standard Size, Clear Flexible Airline For aeration use. Use for Phytoplankton growth, Drip Acclimation of Corals, Fish and Inverts
Fauna Marin- AEFW X - Flatworm Killer-1000 ml
AEFW X works specifically against Acropora flatworms (“AEFW” and “NAEFW”). The special composition of the product blocks the larval development so that the metamorphosis producing reproductive adults is not accomplished. Adults of these species also stop reproducing and quit further growth.
C02 Scrubber Unit ** Launch Special-Prefilled with Co2 Media***
C02 Scrubber unit- Boost and sustain your tanks PH. Holds 500grams of our Medisorb media. Includes Bracket + Screws, Fittings, 2m of vinyl hosing and a hose joiner. Can join multiple units for larger tanks Also works as a simple carbon reactor
Vermetid Snail Spike Kit
These spiked sharp tools reach into the shell and destroy these pests. Also useful for other pests when inspecting coral. 1 Curved tool 1 Straight Tool
Rainbow Incinerator Zoa
Really nice Bright Zoa. Local pickup or Livestock Express/TNT Shipping only. Warning: Zoas may contain Palytoxin, wear PPE when handling and minimise time out of water. Keep away from children and pets
Everlasting Gobstopper Zoa
Everlasting Gobstopper Zoa. Rare to add to the collection. Stunning pops of colour. Local pickup or Livestock Express/TNT Shipping only. Warning: Zoas may contain Palytoxin, wear PPE when handling and minimise time out of water. Keep away from children and pets
F2 Culture Fertiliser - 75ml
F2 Culture Fertiliser - 75ml Used to Grow your own Phytoplankton Culture. Concentrated formula use 1ml per litre of culture. Store in a cool,dark place,out of reach of children.
Frag Rack- Anything Acrylic- Flower Design Various Colours
Double Level 20Place Frag Rack, Flower Design, by Anything Acrylic. Super Strong Suction Cups.
Tweezers- Super long 60cm
Tweezers- Super Long 60cm
Ceramic Frag Holder Skulls
Ceramic Frag Holder Skulls. Perfect for a slightly different Frag Display or grow out encrusting corals for a unique feature piece! Available in 2 sizes.
Salifert Alkalinity/Dkh Test Kit
Salifert Alkalinity/Dkh Test Kit Highly Accurate, easy to use test kit. (100-200 tests per kit) Made in Holland, supplied by Aussie Distributor. Fresh batch, long expiry.
The Fraggers Handy Pack
The Fraggers Handy Pack- A collection of popular products bundled into a value package Contains: 1 x 12 Inch Tweezers 1 x Frag Station 1 x Frag Glue 5 x Lrg Frag plugs 9 x Acro Plugs 9 x small 3/4 inch brushed plugs 18 x Std 1 Inch Plugs
Ultimate Frag Kit
Fragging Tool Kit- Ultimate
Hanna Reagents
Hanna Checker Reagents, Various ones available. Please contact us if you are after something particular. 25 Tests from each kit. HI-772 Alkalinity can be used with other model Hanna Alkalinity Checkers
Hanna Checker HI772 Marine Alkalinity
The HI772 Checker®HC (Handheld Colorimeter) provides a simple, accurate and cost-effective way to measure alkalinity in degrees of calcium hardness, commonly abbreviated as dKH. Critical to marine Environments
Gift Voucher
Unsure what to buy for the Reefer in your family? People always asking what to buy for you? A Frag Mate gift certificate is the perfect solution!
Barrier Reef Labs LPS GroFormula Micro-Pearl Coral Food
Huge 240gram Pack, Amazing Value Coral food Mimic Natural Plankton blooms Low Impact to Chemistry High Protein Tested by Marine Biologists Australian based company Loved by Reefers in the USA, available here now!
C02 Scrubber Media (medisorb) 4.5kg
Co2 Scrubber Media (Medisorb) This medical grade media will turn from white to violet when exhausted, making it easy to know when its time to change. This Medisorb media is supplied exclusively by Frag Mate for Aquarium use. Follow all safety instructions when using. Fills our Scrubber Units approx 8-9 times