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Fragging Equipment & Supplies


UV Sterilser Bulbs
High Quality Replacement UV Bulbs to suit Twist UV Sterilisers, UV-C 254nm spectrum.
Razor Blades- Algae Scraper fits Sea Torch-10 Pack
Razor Blades dual sided stainless steel. Fits Adjustable head Algae Scraper and Sea Torch 10 pack
Algae Scraper Adjustable head
Algae Scraper Adjustable length and head angle. Aluminium alloy with High strength plastic head and stainless steel blades. Includes 10x blades
Cleaning Brush - Bamboo
Eco friendly/biodegradable bamboo cleaning brushes. Colour chosen at random. Yes you can brush your teeth with them also!
Citric Acid
Citric Acid Powder- Use to safely clean Pumps, Wavemakers ,Frag Racks etc
Coral Feeder-Long Acrylic
55cm Long Acrylic with Rubber Tip Feeders, Great for Feeding Corals without getting wet!
Air Gang Valve Splitter
Steel Gang Valve to split outlet of air pump. Individual Taps. Useful for Phyto and Pod Setups
Airline/Drip Valve
Air Tube Flow control valve, Can be used to slow rate of water if using for acclimation.
Airline- Clear Standard Size
Standard Size, Clear Flexible Airline For aeration use. Use for Phytoplankton growth, Drip Acclimation of Corals, Fish and Inverts
Tunze Care Magnet Blades
Replacement Blades for Tunze Care Magnetic Glass Cleaner 45 mm Plastic blade x 2 per pack. Code 0220.156 86mm Plastic blade x 2 per pack. Code 0220.153 Stainless Steel blade x 3 per pack. Code 0220.155
Coral Feeder- Baster
30ml capacity, Available in short fixed length, and extendable version with a 45cm reach
Syringe - 30ml
30ml Syringe, semi flexible flexible removable tip. Multiple uses Dosing, Aiptasia Blasting,Cleaning and feeding