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Mantis Aquarium Magnifier
Magnetic 3 x optical grade lens to magnify your tank viewing
incl. 10.0% taxes
UV Steriliser Quartz Sleeve & Gasket
Quartz Sleeve and Gasket to Suit 57w & 25w Twist Uv units.
incl. 10.0% taxes
UV Sterilser Bulbs
High Quality Replacement UV Bulbs to suit Twist UV Sterilisers, UV-C 254nm spectrum.
incl. 10.0% taxes
Razor Blades- Algae Scraper fits Sea Torch-10 Pack
Razor Blades dual sided stainless steel. Fits Adjustable head Algae Scraper and Sea Torch 10 pack
incl. 10.0% taxes
Algae Scraper Adjustable head
Algae Scraper Adjustable length and head angle. Aluminium alloy with High strength plastic head and stainless steel blades. Includes 10x blades
incl. 10.0% taxes
Cleaning Brush - Bamboo
Eco friendly/biodegradable bamboo cleaning brushes. Colour chosen at random. Yes you can brush your teeth with them also!
incl. 10.0% taxes
Citric Acid
Citric Acid Powder- Use to safely clean Pumps, Wavemakers ,Frag Racks etc
incl. 10.0% taxes
Coral Feeder-Long Acrylic
55cm Long Acrylic with Rubber Tip Feeders, Great for Feeding Corals without getting wet!
incl. 10.0% taxes
Air Gang Valve Splitter
Steel Gang Valve to split outlet of air pump. Individual Taps. Useful for Phyto and Pod Setups
incl. 10.0% taxes
Airline/Drip Valve
Air Tube Flow control valve, Can be used to slow rate of water if using for acclimation.
incl. 10.0% taxes
Airline- Clear Standard Size
Standard Size, Clear Flexible Airline For aeration use. Use for Phytoplankton growth, Drip Acclimation of Corals, Fish and Inverts
incl. 10.0% taxes
Tunze Care Magnet Blades
Replacement Blades for Tunze Care Magnetic Glass Cleaner 45 mm Plastic blade x 2 per pack. Code 0220.156 86mm Plastic blade x 2 per pack. Code 0220.153 Stainless Steel blade x 3 per pack. Code 0220.155
incl. 10.0% taxes
Coral Feeder- Baster
30ml capacity, Available in short fixed length, and extendable version with a 45cm reach
incl. 10.0% taxes