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Frag Tiles & Ceramic Frag Wares

Bio Media Frag Tile
4 cm Square by 7mm thick frag tile bio block
Ceramic Clam Holder
Ceramic Clam Holder can also be used for other corals. Solid weighted base to hold in place, move clam around the tank with ease
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The Fraggers Handy Pack
The Fraggers Handy Pack- A collection of popular products bundled into a value package Contains: 1 x 12 Inch Tweezers 1 x Frag Station 1 x Frag Glue 5 x Lrg Frag plugs 9 x Acro Plugs 9 x small 3/4 inch brushed plugs 18 x Std 1 Inch Plugs
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Frag Tiles- Small
Small Frag Tiles, Approx 1.5 Inch. Square or Circular Disc Perfect for Mounting coral to grow on Sand or glass bottom.
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Frag Discs Large 3 Inch Diameter
Large 3 Inch Diameter Ceramic Frag Discs. Smooth One side, the other rough. Great for growing out Larger colonies.
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Ceramic Frag Holder Skulls
Ceramic Frag Holder Skulls. Perfect for a slightly different Frag Display or grow out encrusting corals for a unique feature piece! Available in 2 sizes.
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Rock - Frag Plug Holder (5 Sizes)
Rock Frag Plug Holders 5 Sizes Available.
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Frag Tiles 3.75 inch
Perfect For Growing Out Colonies 3.75 Inch (9.5cm) Squared Ceramic Tiles, Smooth on one side, Rough on the other. Would Suit Monti and Zoa Grow outs in Particular.
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