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Santa Monica Rain Pole Mount IN STOCK -LIMITED

Optional Pole Mount For RAIN2- Comes standard with the RAIN4
Pole Mount

Optional for RAIN2
Included with RAIN4

Ultra low-space mounting system for crowded sumps

Ultra easy scrubber removal

Pole Mount video:

Parts are all white PVC. Pole Mount dimensions: Supports a RAIN scrubber so that the bottom of its tray is 7 inches (31 cm) to 16 inches (41 cm) above the bottom of a sump. This puts the top of the RAIN4 dome lid at 28 inches (71 cm) high, and the top of the RAIN2 dome lid at 23 inches (59 cm) high.

This pole mount is optional on the RAIN2 but is the preferred method of installation. This pole mount is already included with the RAIN4, so if you purchased a RAIN4 then you do not need to read any further.

A big advantage of RAIN scrubbers is their ability to be mounted on a pole. Although we invented the waterfall algae scrubber ATS in the year 2008, and everyone loves to build and copy it, that design was very hard to remove from the sump. Our new pole mount, however, takes about 3 seconds to lift the scrubber up and remove it. It can be done with one hand, while you are holding the sump cabinet door open with your other hand.

Another big advantage of the pole mount is its ultra easy height adjustments. It comes with 6 different lengths of pole, and combining them in different ways lets the height of the bottom of the RAIN be as low at 7 inches, to as high as 16 inches, from the bottom on your sump. What this does is allow you to put the bottom of the RAIN tray exactly at your sump water level, which provides absolutely silent operation because the water does not fall downwards. No other waterfall scrubber can do this, including our original one from 2008.

Water control is also greatly simplified with our pole mount, because the water does not ever need to be turned off. When you lift up the RAIN from the pole, the water just continues to flow over the side of the pole in a smooth fashion; it does not shoot up into the air. This means you do not need to turn off a pump, or turn a valve, in order to remove the RAIN for cleaning.

A last advantage is simplicity of mounting. Other waterfall scrubber require a shelf or some other type of mount connected to a sump wall. Our pole mount however just sets down on the bottom of your sump, and the entire thing can be lifted out just as easily. The base plate of the pole mount is also the smallest possible for a 4-cube size scrubber like the RAIN4: only 6 x 11 inches, which is barely bigger than the scrubber itself. And once set down into your sump, you can still put things (sand, rock, other equipment) on top of the base plate, which  means the only real space taken up is the 2" pole mount pipe itself.

Nothing needs to be glued or cemented. This makes it very easy to change sections of the pole to get the exact height you need, in 1" (2.5 cm) increments. Only 2" (5 cm) is required above the top of the RAIN dome lid in order to lift the RAIN off of the pole; once it is lifted off, the RAIN can be removed from the sump any way that fits your sump area. It is recommended that the height of the RAIN be set so that the bottom of the tray is at the sump water level below.

The pole mount handles the water supply too. The 3/4" inlet can be connected to 3/4" flexible hose, or hard pipe. At least 200 gph (760 lph) is needed, although 300 gph is better, up to 400 gph. Suggest MANTIS 2000LPH

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