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Fragging Equipment & Supplies


Frag Plug Ceramic - Large 1.25 Inch Smooth
Ceramic Frag Plug - Large 1.25 inch
Frag Rack- Anything Acrylic-18 Frag- Various Colours
Double Level 18 Place Frag Rack, by Anything Acrylic. Various Colours Super Strong Suction Cups.
Frag Rack Extension-Anything Acrylic
Anything Acrylic Clear Frag Rack Extension. Add extra space to your existing frag rack.
Showa Nsk-26 Long Gloves
Water Tight Cotton Lined, 640mm long Reusable gloves
Bubble Gum Digi Frag
Bubble Gum Digi frag
Airline- Clear Standard Size
Standard Size, Clear Flexible Airline For aeration use. Use for Phytoplankton growth, Drip Acclimation of Corals, Fish and Inverts
Frag Discs Large 3 Inch Diameter
Large 3 Inch Diameter Ceramic Frag Discs. Smooth One side, the other rough. Great for growing out Larger colonies.
Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) 6%- 700ml Bottle
6% Solution Use 5ml/1L Tank water as an algae dip for Zoa Frags Corrosive: Wear protection and keep away from children.
Fish Food- Aussie Black Worms 10G
Suitable for all Fish types, No Preservatives, Natural Freeze Dried Aussie Black worms
Air Gang Valve Splitter
Steel Gang Valve to split outlet of air pump. Individual Taps. Useful for Phyto and Pod Setups
Coral Cutters- Large
Coral Cutters- Large 6 Inch
Frag Glue-Extra Thick-Tube
Frag Mate Thick Frag Glue
Scalpel Blade
#23 Carbon Steel Scalpel blades, suitable for fragging of Zoanthids and other soft corals. Packed in individual sterile packaging. These fit our #4 Scalpel handles.
Magnesium Sulphate Per Kg
Magnesium Sulphate(Epsom) combine with Magnesium Chloride for Randys Recipe Magnesium Supplment.
Gift Voucher
Unsure what to buy for the Reefer in your family? People always asking what to buy for you? A Frag Mate gift certificate is the perfect solution!
Roasted Coffee- Whole Beans
My other hobby! Roasted to order, fresh, small batch, whole bean coffee. Variety of single origins available. 250g or 500g bags available. Roasted at home! Sharing my love of coffee and corals the perfect combination. Biodegradable packaged.
Scissors -14cm
Fragging Scissors, Especially useful for cutting zoas. High Quality Stainless Steel, Satin or Black
Frag Tiles- Small
Small Frag Tiles, Approx 1.5 Inch. Square or Circular Disc Perfect for Mounting coral to grow on Sand or glass bottom.
Cleaning Brush - Bamboo
Eco friendly/biodegradable bamboo cleaning brushes. Colour chosen at random. Yes you can brush your teeth with them also!
Salifert Nitrate Test Kit
Salifert Nitrate Test Kit Highly Accurate, easy to use test kit. (60 tests per kit) Made in Holland, supplied by Aussie Distributor. Fresh batch, long expiry.
Razor Blades- Algae Scraper fits Sea Torch-10 Pack
Razor Blades dual sided stainless steel. Fits Adjustable head Algae Scraper and Sea Torch 10 pack
Goniopora -Green with White Eye
Stunning green with white eye Goni. Fast growing variety, Feed with Coral reef labs food. This frag or similar Local Pickup or Livestock Express/TNT Shipping only.
Wave Maker- Frag Mate by ZKSJ
24V DC Quiet, App Controlled Via Bluetooth, Powerful Compact Wave Maker- INCREDIBLE 5 YEAR PUMP and controller 2 year transformer Warranty!!
Frag Plug Ceramic- Small 3/4 Inch
Ceramic Frag Plug- Small 3/4 Inch
Rock - Frag Plug Holder (5 Sizes)
Rock Frag Plug Holders 5 Sizes Available.